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ClamWin started as a small open source project in 2004. Compliments to very supportive user community we are still around in 2009 and are looking forward.

Our product, however, is largely unchanged from its original version and most of our current efforts are concentrated on maintaining Windows port of ClamAV scanning engine and supporting the existing code. We started development of the real-time scanner and rewrite of the ClamWin program in 2006 but haven't managed to finish it yet. We would like to change this!

Your kind donations go towards covering our costs, but in order to take ClamWin Free Antivirus to the next level and expand our development team of two current members we need more funding. Partnering with and offering Ask Search toolbar with ClamWin may provide us with enough revenue to start fulfilling our goal in 6-9 months from now (in the second half of 2010). Doing it this way, as opposed to a joint venture with a commercial company, allows the development team and user community to remain fully in control of our product.

Following a three-week trial and an online poll we made a decision to go ahead and include Ask Toolbar with ClamWin. Our online poll results are available below. We will make updates with the development progress on our web site.

A few words about Ask Toolbar.

Ask Search Toolbar is an optional component and can be de-selected during ClamWin setup without any limitation to ClamWin functionality. Ask Toolbar is available for 32 bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008 and Windows 7.
A screenshot of the installation page with the Search Toolbar is available here.

Ask uses cookies for revenue-tracking and content display purposes, but assures users that there is no adware or spyware connected to its toolbar. For more information please visit this FAQ page on website. Ask Search is used by a number of reputable computer security products, such as Webroot and Symantec.

Online Poll Results

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Tuesday, 28 March 2023
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