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How can I submit useful bug reports?
We receive many bug reports / enhancement requests, but many can not be processed, or they have misc. issues:

Problems that we come across with many reports, and things to consider:
  • The submitter does not include an email address. This is vital incase we need more information from you!
  • "It doesn't work" is not a bug report
  • Be verbose. Let us know all info that may be useful including scan reports, files, ClamWin version, OS version etc.
  • We ask that you please read the Support Forum and FAQ first, before submitting a bug report. this includes looking at closed bugs. We have many many duplicates submitted.
  • If you have a problem with a file, SUBMIT IT. Otherwise we can't test it ourselves
  • Important: Some people aren't nice. If you say something mean, or rude - you WILL be ignored. If you are nice and polite, it will pay off. :-)
  • There is a difference between "This report is crap, your software sucks" and "I would like to see the report changed. Is it possible to customize that?..."
  • Recently a new feature was added, when the scanner crashes it will produce a crash report file. The file will be called executable_name.dmp. You can send this file to ClamWin developers to help finding the bug. Before sending a crash report, compress it and protect with the password crashdump since other AV or e.g. mailserver with AV scanner may block it. The crash report contains portions of scanner memory then some virus signature can be found in the dump as false positives.
Thanks for your support!
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Thursday, 13 June 2024
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